Jeremy Whitehouse – “Lajf” and Making the Most of it

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What’s up everybody!

Every once in a while you meet a person with energy so strong it just fills up the room. The positive attitude, creative spirit and genuine love of life is the vibe that you get when you meet Jeremy and that’s exactly why he was the perfect choice for our Personalities category! Originally from Los Angeles, California, but lately travelling around Europe, he spent a few months in our lovely country where we caught up with him on set of his first ever music video. This is usually where I go on and on about who Jeremy is, but in this case, I’ll let him have the word!

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Yoo what’s good world, im Jeremy Whitehou$e aka YourMumsFavorIt aka The Worldwide Local , lmao yuhh diggg!! I’m a rap artist out of Los Angeles, CA.. traveling worldwide to create the best music I can as an individual, accompanied by some of the best people everywhere I go. Making it easier for me to create, hearing others stories, fun times, and all around life experience. So I travel for the experience and love of meeting new people, learning about others culture, seeing nature, the beautiful architecture and to be with my best friends/close as family that make me feel at home (Slovenia! *cough cough*)

Originally I got into rapping kind of randomly, no family background of music , just me, doing graffiti and racking up cans with my friends from the local art store and freestyling on the way to a wall to paint. I shyd away from freestyling mainly though and stuck to writing , that was my thing and gradually got into freestyling as I gained comfortability… Started recording off my computer mic which I actually still use till this day on occasions that I am out of country and don’t have everyday access to studios. I showed myself major signs of passion and progression, I said “man you know what I’m in fucking love ! This is me, I fucking found myself .” Figured out that I don’t need nothing else in this world except music. I’m whipped, ima dog on a leash for this music shit.

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Ending year of 2017 I started producing beats. I’m still in the midst of major progression, and I’m loving every second of the process of my growth as an artist. I just want to be able to influence other people/creatives to indulge themselves in everything and anything possible cause you never know what is really your thing until you try it, and never be afraid to take a risk, or adventure outside of the box. The world is an open field of opportunity and joy. They say the door stays open until it’s been closed so just make sure your taking every opportunity you can.

My goal is to move out of the US, and into Europe, people think I’m crazy for that. I tell them I’m a genius if you ask me hahaha. I see opportunity everywhere, from the smallest cities/towns to the Big Apple. Europe has made me feel most at home though , through experiences like no other, with friends like NO OTHERS. The amount of love and beauty in the countries is just unbeatable. I guess it all depends on what your into and your outlook on life though.. like I said I see opportunity everywhere

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What drives you to travel around?

  • Experience, scenary, meeting new people, culture, opportunities, learning, and overall to just live my best lajf (life) . I guess it really depends on where I’m headed. Like Slovenia for instance, I went there because I have the most amazing friends and I figured since they’ve been to LA where I’m from it’s only right I go visit them and get to know there culture.

You’ve spent quite some time here in Slovenia, what do you think of our country?

  • Slovenia!! Damn!! I think I fell in love with Slovenia before even going! Meeting the whole RTFX dance crew in LA where they treated me like family had me knowing that their culture and country is something special. By far my favorite place thus far! I can go on forever about it. The food, the air, the women, architecture, hospitality, greenery, safety, I mean you name it, the weather…. stop me now ‘fore I keep going! Slovenia is gorgeous!! Filled with hidden talent waiting for the world to see.

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Now let’s focus on the music. This is your first music video ever, why film it here? And why did you choose this exact style (of the video).

  • Yuh! First video in Slovenia! Crazy feeling to be able to say that hahaha . But anyways , I consider myself the Worldwide Local due to always traveling, that’s my little alter ego. So I filmed it in Slovenia because first off you just can’t beat the scenery and everything that comes with it, and due to my best friends (RTFX crew) who’s connections are endless there they hooked me up with the best videographer in Slovenia (@bozoprodaksn), the man’s a creative genius. We chose this style to show off Slovenia , the scenery , the dancers/beautiful women , the whip, the Euros , etc.. and to give people a dip into a little bit of Europe. Bozo worked his magic, and got this set up a day before my flight back!

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What fuels your creativity?

  • Life (lajf), man… lajf itself fuels me. There’s just so much to appreciate that everything is inspiring to me. The good times the bad times, it’s all a plus to my life experience and creativity. Friends, randoms , family… you name it, there’s just so much that fuels me but I guess the sum of it is Lajf, I’m alive, healthy, traveling and surrounded by the most amazing people around the world.

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How would you sum up your lifestyle?

  • Lifestyle, I’d have to say my lifestyle is pretty simple. I’m really a go with the flow kind of guy, I don’t like to over complicate things. I’m very positive I’d say and I give equal love to everyone. My main focus/motto is just to have fun, appreciate lajf, don’t worry, stay stress free and ENJOY! What else is there to do?

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And while we wait for the music video to drop you guys can check out Jeremy’s Instagram and Soundcloud!

Why? Lajf, that’s why!

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